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Sublime Beauty® products are available at (clicks through below) and also on Amazon.  We offer free standard shipping at plus a VIP Club to earn points for discounts!  A brochure you can download is found on the product page, too.


wCellulite Whisperer® Gel

The proprietary Cellulite Whisperer® Gel is a superior product with highly-active ingredients that penetrate the skin and support cells and tissue.  The active ingredients (such as organic gotu kola, organic horsetail plant, organic geranium and more) work to dissolve and break up the toxic load in the fat cells which cause cellulite. Organic arnica penetrates deeply to heal while Dead Sea concentrates detoxify.  Pink Grapefruit extract is proven to dissolve cellulite (the gel has a lovely hint of grapefruit scent.) Retinol, papaya and aloe are among the many ingredients that restore smoothness to the surface of the skin. This advanced formula will dissolve toxins, hydrate and support cells beneath the surface of skin.


wCellulite Whisperer® Lotion

Our proprietary Cellulite Whisperer Lotion is an advanced firming lotion that works to diminish and reduce the look of cellulite while continuing to dissolve the toxins beneath the surface. Like the Gel, the Lotion is infused with organic gotu kola, horsetail plant and comfrey and pink grapefruit, but is also includes sweet almond oil and hyaluronic acid that will moisturize and plump the skin to smoothness. Shea butter, jojoba and other essential ingredients will hydrate noticeably.  Anti-oxidants round out this advanced formula.





New Skin Brush Sublime Beauty main shotSKIN BRUSH WITH CELLULITE MASSAGE HEAD

Perfect bristles (natural boar) not too hard and not to soft on one side; cellulite massage nubs on the other side!  Feel invigorated, help break up toxins and get your lymphatic system moving with daily Skin Brushing!  Use the nubs to massage around, up and down, back and forth after applying your gel and lotion.  It’s our VERY popular Body Brush!

PPP Travel Skin Brush and pouch 1000ortable Skin Brush with Pouch

Lovely natural bristled brush with soft handle, easy to use daily and easy to tuck into a bag, purse or luggage so you can skin brush every day!  Skin brush to keep the toxins moving, help circulation and health of the skin cells – and this helps reduce cellulite.  Dry brush each morning BEFORE you shower or apply the Cellulite Whisperer gel and lotion.



Presenting Fresh citrus scrubSublime Beauty® Citrus Scrub


Our fresh Citrus Scrub is ideal to exfoliate before using the Cellulite Whisperer® products for the first time, and then several times per week.  We want the products the penetrate well and work.  The Citrus Scrub contains aromatic Lemongrass to deeply clean without irritation. The non-abrasive polyethelyne beads helps exfoliate while cucumber soothes.   The Citrus Scrub is also good for facial use, especially for oil or combination skin.  Dry or normal facial skin can benefit with one or two applications per week.